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Bob Tomlinson

Glad you figured it out. Enjoy the new truck.

On Feb 8, 2020, at 6:16 PM, Stephen Freeman <firebug@...> wrote:

I ended up using my Diamond K400 mount on the hood like I had it in the last truck.  I put a small piece of metal between the set screws and the bottom of the hood and put a 12ga wire under that so it would be secured when the set screws were tightened.  I rand the wire to a bolt in the engine compartment that was being used to ground something else.  Had a short QSO with Eric and Michael T.   Later, I got everything inside the truck mounted in and wires hidden and ran to town.  I had a good QSO with W5PCJ, Terry, from Lufkin.  He was out at Martin Lake.   So, it was no big deal at all.  Thanks for the advice guys!


Stephen K5SKF


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I believe you have seen my mount  ( )


Craig and I fought with it for quite awhile and it was not  until I put a ground strap from the Mont to the Tie Downs in the bed that it started to behave, I also have a ground going to the frame but it’s not that great and didn’t seem to do very much, I’m sure it could be better but it works so I have not touched it since!





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I’ve got an aluminum f250. I’ve found the bolts in the bed and tie offs are not a dead short to metal in the frame or cab. I couldn’t get swr on 1/4 wave 2m anywhere close to right mounted on the toolbox but half wave works fine. Gets into rusk repeater from Center, but not much quieting.


1/4 on front fender works good but doesn’t seem quiet as good 1/2 wave on back. I bought a bracket and nmo mount on amazon for this.


Tons more details to tell but that is what ended up being good enough until I can start bonding stuff.


I read about putting other metals together on the aluminum trucks and tried to avoid it.


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I have not had to fight this battle yet with any of my vehicles, but you might have to look for some little metal shims that would go between the aluminum and the set screws in the antenna base. These would give the set screws more surface area against the softer aluminum and not let the points of the set screws push into the aluminum as easy.

Eric, KR5G has dealt with this on his truck I think, so he may have some other, or better suggestions.


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On Feb 7, 2020, at 1:09 AM, Stephen Freeman <firebug@...> wrote:

Hey guys!  I just bought an aluminum body Ford (no negative comments please, it's a really awesome King Ranch that I love).   I had been using a K400s mount for my diamond antenna and it worked great with the set screws digging into the steel hood.  Now not so much.   So what have you aluminum body truck guys found to be most affective for a ground plane for an aluminum body vehicle?  I would really like to keep using the K400 so what is the best way to ground it?   I actually haven't tried mounting the radio in the new truck yet so I'm off the air mobile until I figure out a plan.  

Stephen K5SKF

KN5G - Henderson, TX.

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