Re: fldigi and UV5R

Richard Sullivan

Audio coupling works very well. A couple years ago, I searched/found a couple youtube videos with fldigi (audio) and played it back with the computer. I used a second computer with a microphone and fldigi to decode the audio into text on the screen. You might could playback with a phone and good bluetooth speakers. This lets you see it working before getting on the air with it.

On Tue, Feb 4, 2020 at 4:09 PM David Chenault <DHChenault@...> wrote:

The radio can be connected directly using a Signalink (or similar device) and a cable. IF you don't have either, you can simlpy use "audio coupling" in a quiet room. Hold the radio near the speakers, press and hold the radio PTT and then click the transmit in the software. When the computer stops, let go of the PTT.  To receive, simply place the radio near the computer mic and the computer should decode. The is an "EasyDigi" on ebay which is simpler but similar to the Signalink. Here's a couple of videos that may help: 

Download and Install ARES Drill Software - Watch Video

Download and Install ARES Drill Software - Watch Video

Using FLdigi and FLmsg for ARES Drill - Watch Video

On Tue, Feb 4, 2020 at 2:57 PM bryan mclaughlin <Bryanamclaughlin@...> wrote:
I am a little late to the game of Fldigi. I have downloaded the software to my computer. I am now trying to set up my Baofeng UV5R to the software. Can anyone help me set this up over the internet?
Also what is the diy product like signalink?

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